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Deep Art of Scaling for Cloud Environments Part 1

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After being specialist in the Cloud computing area and the services offered to past clients regarding cloud managed services ClickIT is considered an expert company in cloud managed services. We are highly committed with the Cloud Evolution, reason why we are always at the forefront in terms of cloud computing environments and infrastructure.

Today we are glad to share with you the article “Deep art of scaling for Cloud Environments” by CTO Alfonso Valdés, published at

Read this article to know about the number of resources to scale an application, the importance of Scaling and to get advised practices for code storage. The article is divided in two sections and this week you can read part 1 and next wednesday it will be published part 2. Let us know your comments about the importance of scaling for cloud environments!

Article Source: Deep art of scaling for Cloud Environments

About the author:

Alfonso Valdes is the CEO and Founder of ClickIT Smart Technologies, an IT agency focused in the architecture and implementation of Modern Cloud Applications highly resilient in Linux and Open Source technologies. He combines more than 8 years of IT experience in the field of scalable architectures, distributed systems and developing cloud-native applications.

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