All Day DevOps 2019 – The 4th Edition of ADDO is here!

All Day DevOps 2019

All Day DevOps is the world’s largest DevOps conference, and ClickIT is taking part in it as Club 20. The event is organized by advocates of DevOps and DevSecOps. These conferences deliver a diversity of sessions and let attendees hear a real experience from DevOps practitioners that are willing to share their story, either to show practical usage or technical solutions of DevOps in small and large enterprises.

All Day DevOps consists of a conference sequence of 24 consecutive hours and more than 150 speakers. It starts on November 6 of 2019 at 9 am GMT (3 pm CST). The conferences are online and live streaming for all the DevOps community. 

The schedule of the event will cover 5 simultaneous tracks relate to DevOps, Development, and DevSecOps, plus 6 keynotes: 

  1. Cloud-Native Infra and Monitoring
  2. DevSecOps and Automated Security
  3. CI/CD – Continuous Everything 
  4. Cultural Transformation
  5. SRE – Site Reliability Engineering

We are really excited to be part of the 4th Edition of All Day DevOps since we are looking forward to improving the expertise of each engineer on the field. Our team has prepared an internal DevOps Day in order to attend the conferences while exchanging a good time with coworkers.


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