Accelerance recognizes ClickIT as a Top Software Development Company

Accelerance recognizes ClickIT as a Top Software Development Company

ClickIT has been recognized by Accelerance as a Certified Partner due to its effective strategies for global software outsourcing. Accelerance is a certification organization for the best software outsourcing companies in the world, by whom ClickIT was rated among the top 3% software development companies by the Accelerance Global Network.

ClickIT is a Cloud and DevOps Nearshore Solution Provider and it has helped more than 200 US companies with their cloud initiatives which provide them an impressive knowledge on how to help US customers. Some of their competencies are Financial Services, Healthcare, MarTech, E-commerce, Big Data & Analytics, startups, mid-large enterprises, and HIPAA. They are AWS and GCP partners, which means that 20% of their team is certified.

“We are proud to receive Accelerance certification. This reflects the level of commitment of our team to make things happen in the most effective way” – Guillermo Velez, COO at ClickIT.

There around 40 engineers, distributed on DevOps, Web development and management team working on ClickIT team. The company is located in Saltillo, Coahuila Mexico with Sales offices in Chicago. Their focus market is in North America, Australia, and the UK, but they have also worked with Latin American customers.

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