AWS DevOps Engineer: A day in the life of a DevOps engineer 2020

A day in the life of a DevOps engineer 2020 | Podcast

DevOps engineer

In this episode, Guillermo and Mario have some important guests: Luis and Sergio. Together, they talk about their experiences working as AWS DevOps Engineers, including their day to day activities and the collaboration they have with each other.

Also, they share some useful practices, tips, and examples for all the engineers working in the field of DevOps. Is DevOps really a Jungle? Discover the answer in this episode!

Time-Stamped Show Note

[00:15] Welcome to the Cloud Cast Show

[03:00] Day to day activities 

[05:35] What activities do you do outside your work?

[10:05] Top three issues that could arise in daily activities 

[12:12] How does a DevOps Engineer solve problems?

[13:54] Collaboration among DevOps engineers

[16:30] The perfect collaboration example

[16:54] What are some practices of a DevOps Engineer?

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