My 100 days at ClickIT Video | Ana Isabel Torres

Hello, I’m Ana Isabel Torres. I am the leader of the Human Resources department, and these are my first 100 days at ClickIT

How did you get to know ClickIT?

I met ClickIT through LinkedIn; our Talent Acquisition Manager contacted me, and she sent me the job description. I read it and found it very interesting, as something that could give me a lot of learning. So I decided to take the opportunity, she scheduled an interview, and well, the rest is history.

What caught your attention before joining ClickIT?

What caught my attention the most before joining ClickIT was their social media. The moment our Acquisition Manager contacted me, I started following them on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook, and I could see this culture that seemed very natural, a super relaxed work environment. I said, “I want to be there.”

What do you currently like most about ClickIT?

What I currently like about ClickIT are three specific things: First, the culture is zero-forced, and it is a very relaxed work environment. We all get along very well; we have this freedom with the responsibility that I love. I also really like that they bet on the learning of all Clickers and their development, and my leader gives me the confidence to innovate the processes and the liberty to apply them in my department.

What lessons have you learned during these 100 days?

Since day one, I joined an AWS course to certify as Cloud Practitioner and understand a little more about the tasks and work that our developers do here. But I have also learned that the Human Resources industry in the technological environment is very different. I went back to zero and started investigating and learning how Human Resources works in an environment as technological as ours.


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