My 100 days at ClickIT Video | Víctor Rodríguez

My 100 days at ClickIT Video | Víctor Rodríguez

Hi, I’m Victor Rodriguez, I’m DevOps, I’m from Aguascalientes and these are my first 100 days at ClickIT and to celebrate I came to the ClickIT offices in Saltillo.

How did you get to know ClickIT?

I got to know ClickIT through LinkedIn, through their publications where they recognized the personal and professional achievements of each employee, the social gatherings that were shown there and also the professional drive that was there; altogether invited me to be part of ClickIT.

What do you currently like most about ClickIT?

What I like the most at ClickIT is the learning, not only technical but also it’s professional side, the contact with the client, and the fact that there’s always someone willing to help you.

What lessons have you learned during these 100 days?

In these 100 days I have learned a lot in relation to cloud infrastructure and automations but not only that, also on the customer side, audits, estimates, all those kinds of things that maybe aren’t so easy to learn from a course or a book.


I really appreciate the opportunity to continue collaborating with all of you and I’m here for anything you need, thank you very much, see you!

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