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Paty Díaz Click Chats

Hi, guys! Welcome to my ClickChat. My name is Paty Diaz, and I’m part of the Marketing Department. I’m a content creator here at ClickIT.

I create content focused on talent and engineering blogs. I also develop strategies and manage our social media accounts like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Describe Yourself in Three Words

 I believe I am loyal, dedicated, and empathic.

Favorite Series or Movie

My favorite movie is called Sing Street. I like it because the music is really good. It’s kinda like a musical. I also love the plot, and I feel like the ending leaves you with a sad but also happy feeling.

Favorite Musical Genre

I think it’s kinda pop/rock.

Favorite Song

My favorite song is “Iris” by The Goo Goo Dolls. The Goo Goo Dolls are very emotional. When I was little, I used to say that was going to be my wedding song.

What is your Hobby

I love to paint. I began when the pandemic started. During the lockdown, I spent a lot of time at home without many things to do, so I began watching painting videos. I started with pastels, really simple. Then I bought some acrylic paintings and began painting on canvas. I really like it. 

Now I’m just starting to paint with oil. It’s something that I like; it entertains and also relaxes me.

Paty Díaz

I take inspiration from Pinterest. I tend to draw landscapes, not really people. I would like to, but I’m not good at it yet.

Paty Díaz

Place in the World you Would Like to Visit.

I have always wanted to see the northern lights, so I think of a place like Iceland. It seems like a beautiful place too.

I’ve always thought they are pretty, ever since I saw “Brother Bear.” When I was little, I used to think, “It’s so cool that this is real, that it really happens.”

Which Emoji Represents You

The clown face 🤡. I also use the white heart🤍.


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