Cloud Computing Benefits for your Company

Cloud Computing Benefits for your Company

Why join to the Cloud?

Well, there are many reasons why Cloud Computing advantages will benefit your company, here we explain why it could be a great decision for you to make.

  • It´s a green solution!:Cloud Computing solutions are generally greener that traditional IT because it requires less in-office IT equipment. While huge datacenters require a lot of electricity, what Cloud needs it´s a lot less than the thousands of in-office equipment it would take to perform the same task.
  • Major efficiency:Large Cloud Computing providers can also optimize their datacenters for energy efficiency much more precisely than manufacturers of desktops and laptops can.
  • Cost savings:Moving towards the cloud holds a lot of excitement mainly to nonprofits of all size. Organizations are able to realize cost savings through not having to run or maintain their own server, or paying someone to do so. Cloud computing not only is great on saving energy, it also create an environment of transparency within your colleagues.

We live in a world where our supporters are looking to us for greater transparency and there is an increasing need to partner with other organizations to achieve real impact. There are many cloud tools that enable new levels of sharing and collaboration, with can transform how we work today.

This tools can make it easier to collaborate with colleagues form outside the organization. Using the right Clouds tools can help us break down the barriers we currently dace and be the more open, effective, and resilient organizations that we need to be.

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The opportunity is right here

Cloud Computing benefits offers you the opportunity to exchange information with your coworkers even if you are not in the same place. Software as a service can act as a great simplifier for many organizations. If you have staff members working off-site, they can access their work just as easily at home as they can in the office. If they´re using a private or secure Wi-Fi connection, there´s also no need to set up a virtual private network. People working in the same organization might benefit from team collaboration tools like shared calendars, video conferencing, instant messaging, and file sharing.

Finally, because technology is changing constantly, you can´t just evaluate Cloud solutions once. An issue that´s a deal-breaker for you today may be fixed six months from now. So for this cloud tools are being developed all the time. So even if you´re not quite ready for the cloud right now, you can find a good Cloud solution later on time.

A simple reason to implement Cloud Computing: is very easy, flexible, scalable, your IT can expand in hours of work, your data can be redundant multiple times and gives you a very transparent and configurable IT model for your engineers.

We can help you integrate a feature of your IT and gradually move all your assets to the Cloud. Our Agile Team also includes leading IT experts in application migration in the cloud, web security, web development, IT automation, clustering, scalability and near-shore support. Contact Us Now!

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