Healthcare App Migration: Top Reasons to Choose AWS

healthcare app migration

Healthcare providers are looking forward to digitizing their services to take advantage of the benefits that digital transformation offers through cloud services. Some time ago, there was a percentage of healthcare companies and patients worried about doing online processes due to data or security concerns. We are now all involved in a fast-moving technological advance where those concerns are just a part of the past. Healthcare organizations have realized these technological changes and decided to adopt the cloud to take advantage of it instantly; here’s how Healthcare App Migration to AWS is becoming a huge trend.

Cloud Services for Healthcare Apps

In one way or another, all industries are now experiencing the benefits of the cloud. The possibilities of cloud services are effectively endless. There’s a plan in the cloud for each company regarding its size, needs, and budget. That’s a relief! Isn’t it? The thing is that independently adopting the cloud can be an expensive and exhaustive experience for any company. And there is always a sequence of questions when deciding whether to move to the cloud as a healthcare company.

Should I migrate to the Cloud? Which Cloud Provider should I select?

The Best Cloud for Healthcare

Some cloud providers, like Amazon Web Services, decided to help organizations in the healthcare vertical. AWS helps applications add agility and improve collaboration with the incorporation of new technological innovation. Whether you are a healthcare community or a pharmaceutical company, healthcare app migration to AWS services is the solution to improve your processes on the cloud.

AWS counts with a pay-per-use model that supports an extensive list of HIPAA Eligible services to choose from. AWS is more than capable of hosting a Software-as-a-Service application, which is ideal for the Healthcare community.

Top Reasons to Get Your Healthcare App Migration

The cloud provides a wide variety of benefits for Healthcare Applications, and some of them are:

  • Cost Reduction: There will be a significant reduction in your AWS billing since you will only adopt the technologies and services worthy of your healthcare infrastructure.
  • Data Access: AWS provides complete accessibility since it is compatible with any device.
  • Security: Patients’ Personal information and Healthcare organizations’ data will be completely secure on the AWS cloud. Through AWS security tools, data has a secure level of encryption.
  • Disaster Recovery: The AWS cloud securely stores data offsite so that it can be easily retrieved and updated in case of disaster. 

Read our blog to learn more about the benefits of AWS.


Having a professional team of developers in the cloud will improve your company’s time and cost savings.  It is the right time for your company to choose healthcare app migration into the AWS Cloud and start taking advantage of it. Our professional team of developers can help you implement any change on your site regarding the AWS cloud. Contact us and get your business involved in the digital transformation.

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Healthcare App Migration FAQs

Why should organizations consider healthcare app migration to AWS?

Migrating healthcare apps to AWS offers numerous benefits, including enhanced scalability, improved performance, and increased security. With AWS, healthcare apps can efficiently scale to meet growing demands, enhance reliability, and take advantage of a wide range of tools to optimize performance and security.

What AWS services are essential for a successful healthcare app migration?

Several AWS services are critical for healthcare app migration. Amazon RDS facilitates managed database services, ensuring data reliability and security. AWS Lambda enables serverless computing, reducing operational overhead. Amazon S3 provides secure and scalable object storage, while AWS Direct Connect ensures a dedicated and high-bandwidth connection to the AWS cloud. Additionally, services like AWS CloudFormation and AWS Migration Hub simplify the migration process by automating infrastructure deployment and tracking migration progress.

How does AWS ensure compliance for healthcare app data?

The AWS HIPAA Compliance Program provides guidelines and resources to help organizations meet the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Using encryption with AWS Key Management Service (KMS), implementing strict access controls with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), and leveraging audit capabilities contribute to maintaining compliance. AWS also offers Business Associate Addendum (BAA) agreements, providing additional assurance for healthcare app data security and regulatory adherence.


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