AWS re:Invent 2019 Recap

AWS re:Invent 2019 Recap


Amazon Web Services just finished the 2019 edition of AWS reInvent, which in my opinion was one of the most exciting kinds of events we had this year. It was such a revolutionary decade where we moved from on-premise to serverless solutions for all kinds of technology projects. I was doing short research and following closely the AWS updates and created which in my opinion are some yet not all of the topics we were able to see in this year’s event.

1. Keynotes

1.1 AWS Outposts – AWS Outposts

AWS announced the new expansion of its managed Services, AWS Outposts comes to fill a void that the cloud could not reach, and that is that the use of physical services (servers, data centers, etc.) continues to have a strong presence among various companies. AWS now offers the same technological capability of the cloud for that market, thus breaking the myth that the cloud is risky, thus opening the opportunity for this market to step into cloud services.

1.2 AWS Code Development Kit (CDK) – AWS CDK

When you have different human resources working on a development project, it can become difficult for everyone to have the same type of settings in their environments. This could generate a problem and that is why CDK comes to help Developers to launch their own infrastructure environments using their own development tools through whatever IDE they are using. In addition, its integration with Cloudformation makes it ideal for saving time and costs.

2. Databases

2.1 AWS managed Cassandra service (In preview) – AWS Apache-Cassandra

New managed service compatible with Apache-Cassandra. Like the other AWS managed services, we won’t have to worry about anything. It is also Serverless that helps us reduce costs, paying only for what we use.

2.2 AWS RDS Proxy (In preview) – AWS RDS Proxy

RDS Proxy greatly reduces the failure due to database stress, located between your app and the RDS. This helps you establish and share connections from the application to the database. It will also help you quickly connect to another RDS (in standby), keeping connections, performance and the availability of the information.

3. Analytics

3. 1 AWS UltraWarm for Elasticsearch – AWS UltraWarm

UltraWarm is now a new option within Elasticsearch. Where it reduces costs per GB (up to 90%) over other (Hot storage) options of Elasticsearch.

4. Computing

4.1 AWS ECS Autoscaling – AWS ECS Autoscaling

ECS clusters in EC2 can now scale automatically. So we don’t worry about each specific EC2 inside our cluster, but the entire ECS cluster can now automatically scale, same magic as the Autoscaling we already know but at containers level.

4.2 AWS ECS Active Directory – AWS ECS AD

ECS clusters are now compatible with Active Directory. Allowing users to authenticate Windows containers using Active Directory rules and groups. This helps us to keep working with familiar environments but also taking the whole advantages of the cloud.

4.3 Serverless EKS pods with Fargate – AWS Serverless EKS

It is now possible to use the EKS service to run Kubernetes clusters in Fargate, the AWS Serverless service for containers. And with this (Fargate) since none of the pods will share resources and these require only the capacity they need, we can reduce costs and improve the performance of our applications.

4.4 AWS Compute Optimizer – AWS Compute Optimizer

It is a new AWS service that will give us recommendations based on the EC2 instances in use, as well as those that belong to an autoscaling group. This way we will know if we are using the right resources. In addition, it is free and we will continue paying only for the use of instances.

4.5 AWS ECS Capacity provider – AWS Capacity Provider

Now it is possible to configure load capacity for ECS clusters, so in conjunction with ECS Autoscaling, we can improve the performance, scalability, and costs of the tasks that run in our containers.

4.6 AWS Lambda Provisioned Currency – AWS Lambda Provisioned Currency

It helps decrease latency, which makes it an excellent complement to all development processes and workflows but especially those that ran in the backend or creating API functions. 

4.7 AWS Local Zone Los Angeles, CA – AWS Los Angeles

AWS has a new area for Los Angeles in California, it is not just wonderful for LA, but for the entire Zone, making it available for a better performance by decreasing latency.

4.8 AWS Image builder – AWS Image Builder

It is now easier to create, test, share images of EC2 Linux / Windows. 

5. Machine Learning

5.1 AWS Medical Speech Recognition – AWS Medical Speech Recognition

AWS launched its voice to text transcription tool for medical citations, Thus helping clinical departments, patients, etc. Available for a development process that requires the integration of these functions into their applications.

5.2 AWS CodeGuru – AWS CodeGuru

Checking code integrity can become a tedious and complicated task. That’s why AWS launched its tool to audit your code. Using machine learning AWS will help you find those details that you could go unnoticed. Making it a great ally for Developers.

5.3 AWS Fraud Detector – AWS Fraud Detector

AWS makes use of Machine Learning and historical data of its services on to help predict movements, transactions, etc. that may be illegitimate. So it will help you to reduce the risk of losing money, users, etc.

6. Security

6.1 AWS Detective (In preview) – AWS Detective

It will be a new AWS service, which with the use of Machine Learning will help to find problems related to security breaches and suspicious activity within our AWS accounts and resources. This will automatically tell us where exactly the problem is. Unlike existing AWS services that meet similar characteristics, Detective will have deeper analysis access, so it will be more reliable.

6.2 AWS IAM Access Analyzer – IAM Access Analyzer

It is the new audit service for policies and user roles IAM. We will no longer have to worry about badly configured changes and permissions, now with this tool, we can detect problems automatically. This will ensure that users, policies, and roles have the correct level of access.

7. Networking

7.1 AWS site-to-site VPN – AWS site-to-site VPN

AWS enabled the use of accelerated global networks for connections between VPNs, thus avoiding the common delays between such communications. It fasts up the site-to-site interaction, reducing responses between locations.

The end

And just like that! It’s a wrap for AWS reInvent 2019 and is not just that but also a close for the decade. 2020 seeks for high expectations for technology improvements and new discoverments. And we agree. Why? well, we saw how fast the IT world changed over the last years, just a few years ago cloud environments not even talk of serverless were just fairy tales. Nobody was already taking the cloud seriously, but after some investments, hope and why not..luck. The world starts changing, the world started to look at new disruptive technologies. 

Are you excited for the next decade? Because I am! 


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