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How to solve a problem with the text editor of WordPress (2018 Update)

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This time I'll talk you about WordPress, a content management system (CMS). It is an open source software that you can use to create and maintain great websites, blogs or applications. In a simple way, WordPress is the system that you use when you want to work with a tool for publishing rather than fighting with it.

WordPress is created and maintained by hundreds of community volunteers, with nearly 10 years of existence and with a lot of plugins and themes (templates), available on its official website, to transform your website into anything you can imagine. More than 60 million people have chosen WordPress as their platform to create fantastic websites, because it is a simple and intuitive system.

WordPress is ideal for a website that is periodically upgrading. It is for beginners, or for those who have too much technical knowledge. If the content is written quite often, when someone accesses to the site, can find all these contents with a chronological order (most recent first and the oldest last).

You can create a variety of websites with the help of WordPress:

  • Blog.
  • Business website.
  • Online store.
  • Digital Newspaper.


It is his most famous role. WordPress incorporates in its default installation all the typical features of a blog: show articles in blog format, option to add comments to entries, possibility to organize items by category or tags, etc...

With all of this, we can say that WordPress is probably the best tool to create a blog, with more reason, if we consider it easy to use.

Business website

WordPress can serve perfectly to create a business website, defined as a page where we can report on everything that concerns to our company or business: about us, services, customers, etc.

Thanks to the wide variety of available templates of WordPress, we can get varied designs to our website, which could range from a website with a minimalist design and few information, till websites that load lots of data on each page.

Online store

Although there are other specific content managers to create online stores (PrestaShop, Magento, etc.), WordPress can be a completely valid option, because it has several plugins that enable the use an online store on our website. Of these, WooCommerce would be the recommended option, but we can choose another plugin.

Thanks to WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin we can have an online store with all the usual features you expected to find in an application, just alike the creation of unlimited products, the organization of products by category, the ability to add attributes to the products, various systems checkout and advanced order management, etc.

There are some important concepts to know when getting involved with WordPress, among them:

  • WordPress - It is a content management system (CMS) and an open source software that you can use to create and maintain great websites, blogs or Applications.
  • Text Editor - It is a computer program that allows you to create and modify digital files. It is made only by text format, commonly known as text files or "plain text". The program reads the file and interprets the bytes by the character code using the editor. It is commonly 7- or 8-bit ASCII or UTF-8, rarely EBCDIC.
  • HTML Editor - It can be of two types, as we see, some of them allows to encode the pages using the HTML language, based on labels and others that allow us design a web page, as if we were writing with an advanced text editor and without having to write code with tags.
  • wp-config.php - Is one of the most important files in the WordPress installation. And it is located in the root directory. It contains important information as the connection to the database and various other settings.

What was done...

We love WordPress, but sometimes we can go crazy, either for the dreaded white screen, an unknown error of PHP originated in plugin or server issues that cause our insomnia. We are about to focus on a specific problem.

Among this post, we’re going to see how to solve problems with the text editor of WordPress, since you can not basically write or update your blog, this article is for you. As noted in the introduction, it is vital to have our website updated as for the role it has.

It may be the case in which we upgraded to the latest version of WordPress, installed a plugin, installed a new theme (template) or make some changes in the network, where we update the blog and as a consequence the visual editor of your WordPress stopped working.

Some of the most common problems you may have with the visual editor of WordPress(tynimce):

  • The editor doesn’t appear.
  • We can not change the visual editor to the text editor. Visual and text labs.
  • It is not possible to insert links in the text.
  • The visual editor simply does not work...
  • The letters you see are"invisible" (blank).

Solutions to fix the visual editor of WordPress.

Before going into detail with the solutions, I’ll tell you the solution that works for me, it was the solution #5, which is completely explained below. Now, let look all the possible solutions.

Simple solutions

1. Clean your browser cache:
The problem may be “your computer”, so before moving to complex experiments, clean the cache of your browser and check if everything is back in order.
2. Off Editor:
First of all, make sure the visual editor it is not disabled. Go to Users » Your profile and verify the box “Disable the visual editor when writing” is unchecked.
3. If you use Cloudflare:
Disable the option JavaScript auto minify.
4. Install Google Libraries:
An alternative solution may be to install this plugin; or some other plugin that helps improve the text editor.

Intermediate solutions

5. Edit your wp-config.php:
If none of the above worked, open the wp-config.php file and add the following line after the opening : define (‘CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS’ false); stores and see if it has been solved.

6. Replace the “tynimce” folder:
If the problem occurred after an upgrade of some sort, is likely that something went wrong, removes and adds the folder manually by FTP at: / wp-includes / js / tinymce for a folder .. you can download the new version of your WordPress (or if you already have one), search it and add that folder for a new and in good condition.

7. Check your GZIP compression:
If you have made a GZIP compression, remember to include ALL the php.ini file folders containing your WordPress .css or .js, not only in the wp-content “theme !!

8. Uninstall / Install your plugins:
One possibility is that a plugin is “ruining us the afternoon”. Uninstall each plugin and see if by removing them you find the one that is causing the problem in your WP.

Last solution

9. Re-install WordPress:
We are in the worst part if none of the above has worked to you.. It may be a good idea to manually “re-install” your WordPress. Quiet, it is nothing dangerous.. Just make a copy of your files and then (previously downloaded WordPress) eliminate the “WP-ADMIN” and “WP-INCLUDES” folders (Omit the WP-CONTENT folder. That’s your theme folder and it is not necessary to rebuild those files) and transfers/add those 2 folders again by FTP. The process don’t last more than 10 minutes. (If you compressed with GZIP, then proceeds to execute step 7).

Obtained benefits:

  • Different paragraph formats.
  • Size and orientation of the sources.
  • Formatting effects.
  • Cutting and copying text.
  • Set spacing between lines and paragraphs.
  • Align paragraphs.
  • Set bloodletting and tabulated.
  • Create and modify styles.
  • Display edited pages.

With the above we emphasize what does the user couldn’t do, and as a consequence their website couldn’t have new content or edit any content already published on it. Once we have corrected the problem with text editor, the client could continue having its page up with their activities.

To conclude this topic, WordPress is a system for creating multiple websites, very flexible and one of its greatest strengths is the use of your text editor, because without it there’s no way to handle content we want to show on the Internet. I hope this post will be helpful while solving the problem with your editor.

Once you have solved your text editor problem, you can Create a high-performance WordPress site on Google Cloud Platform, in this blog we tell you how to do it.

What makes a great WordPress site even better?


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