ClickIT team helps Ultrasound AI visualize the future of prenatal care


Client Project

Ultrasound AI is a startup that provides accurate estimates of a baby’s date through a web application harnessing the power of artificial intelligence.
This application uses ultrasound images to provide a range of likely delivery dates that caregivers can use to plan for the delivery of a baby, whether the baby comes early or on time.



This was a complex application as it required connecting four APIs and a novel AI model, maintaining a low infrastructure cost, and developing the primary application functions.

The team, collaborating with Ultrasound AI staff, completed the project in about three months, which is unusually fast for a medical device.

Make sure that all health information is protected

The infrastructure needs to be adapted to accommodate real-time traffic

The infrastructure needs to be live most of the time with a minimal failure rate

CI/CD use to make quick changes to the application

The ability of the app to recover from failure

In case of failure, the infrastructure needs to recover easily and quickly


Implemented Service

ClickIT provided Ultrasound AI with a Full Product Development Service, which included a dedicated team of nine engineers (six developers, one DevOps engineer, and one tester) and a project manager.

The project utilized a microservice built on Python to process ultrasound images, with the database hosted on MongoDB Atlas. The rest of the project was implemented using a variety of AWS services.

Technologies we used in this project

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Following the completion of the project, the customer now has access to an application that can provide them with UAI-generated forecasts, view the source images, and record their clinical impressions in a HIPAA (patient privacy-sensitive) manner.