PC infected with malware?

Nobody wants a computer that has problems with the speed and its functionality. That’s why we must be careful about how we treat this important tool for almost everyone. Maybe all of you don’t know the classic symptoms of a computer that is in trouble probably because we haven’t be careful with the installation of things downloaded from internet or just because our antivirus isn’t strong enough.

You can always install an antivirus or special software to detect and remove malware but in most cases, these programs do not have a 100% effectiveness. It is important that users learn to identify symptoms that may indicate that your computer is infected with malware, identifying the problem is the first step to fix it. But for those who does not know all of these symptoms, we leave you a short list of these symptoms and what you should do in order to correct them and make your PC works like new.

  • The first one: the annoying emergent Windows that appear just of the nowhere. This occurs when you are surfing on the web and suddenly come across pop-ups that appear out with strange messages (some of them may tell you that you have a virus and you need to install some software to remove it). This is just an example, actually, the messages that these emergent windows show also may have “special offers for you” or you just “win a million dollars” because no reason. These windows are one of the biggest cheats and they are used to confuse the user and convince him to install a program that will endanger the security of the computer and the data in it while you think it is the opposite.Windows that open without you take any action, are generally symptoms of infection, the most common are that it is adware (malware to display advertising), but in many cases are more serious threats, so be careful about it. If this happens to you some day you must ignore whatever the emergent windows tell you to do.
  • Another classic symptoms is the speed. If your PC begins to be very slow you may have a serious problem related with malware (especially if it is a worm or Trojan). This is because malware consumes too many CPU resources, overloading your computer work and thus making it work much slower than normal. We must take into account that the computer may be slow for other reasons (hard disk, insufficient RAM, processor overheating or just lack of maintenance), so to be sure about the reason of the slow speed of your computer you should investigate what is the reason.
  • The third one: messages that mark error in many things of the operating system. This message also may tell you that a program or a file is damaged and the computer cannot open it. This can be signal about malware infection, but you should be sure about it because maybe can be just an error of many programs and files that they already have.
  • Error in the system operation: this is about the error that start appearing just after some malicious programs take and change important files of your system operation. This actions will affect the system in order to make it misfire (with this famous blue screens, the unexpected close applications or the fact that you cannot open some archives or software).
  • Bandwidth use: When you notice that your computer start using a lot of bandwidth (normal use is 2GB/month) like 100GB in less than a weak, then you should have a serious problem. When a malware infects your PC a symptom can be the excess consume of the bandwidth. If your computer indicates that a bandwidth threshold has been exceeded, the next thing to determine is the frequency of such an event. If it is the first incidence you should dig quickly to see who the top talker is. Though the event could be benign (like too much video being downloaded by too many users on the day of a popular event) it could also be an indication of something serious, like a distributed denial of service attack or a worm infection. Regardless of the cause, a spike in bandwidth that is unpredicted and outside of the norms for your network should be taken seriously and addressed immediately.
  • Search bars: When you install a program this may have malware that start appearing in the search bars. This is the classic example when suddenly you have a huge amount of buttons that came out of nowhere. Maybe this occurs just after you download something form internet. Another symptom of the search bars is when the malware changes your main browser.
  • The last one but no the less important: the deactivation of your anti-virus. You should take care about actualization, take care about the important alerts that the antivirus shows you every moment when you are about to do something risky and to keep it activate.

Now that you know the main symptoms that a computer has when is infected with a virus, you can take action over them in the most convenience way depending on how your equipment was infected. Here at ClickIT we take security seriously and that is why we are experts at hardening and malware removal, security assessment, and ethical hacking and penetration testing. Contact Us Now!”.

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