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ClickIT helped Prosple design the architecture of a Multi-tenant and Software-as-a-service application with Amazon ECS, Amazon Lambda, and the serverless framework


Client Project

Prosple needed to perform the provisioning of new cloud resources, such as Load Balancers and SSL certificates, into their current SaaS multi-tenant application.

Prosple is a careers and education technology company. Their tech is used by leading universities and organizations to connect students with education and employment opportunities.



Prosple infrastructure was in a micro-services hosting called This hosting is a serverless environment administrated by CLI and Scripts (probably another reason why Prosple website was not configured properly).

Prosple users started to grow and increase; therefore, this turned out a problem for capacity, service interruptions and degradation began to appear, leading to looking for another cloud hosting that could provide High Availability and performance on their website.

Move their current website from to AWS using Elastic Container Service.

Have multiple services in different zones to avoid downtime or service interruption.

Use AWS Spot instances for the dev environments and reserve instances for production one.

Create a new replicated and isolated environment to test its features in order to destroy the environment once they confirm and merge.

Manage “farms.” Once the first farm reached out its 25 certificates in its ALB, we launched another farm, creating its own ALB and ECS resources.


Implemented Service

ClickIT performed an integration of an AWS Lambda set of functions and Serverless Framework along with a UI owned by the customer. The same Lambda functions allow users the creation of new cloud resources with just a few clicks.

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Everyone on the Prosple team can create their cloud resources and assign them to different tenants across the infrastructure. Also, they have 99% faster deployment and configuration of new tenants inside the cloud infrastructure.