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Top 6 AWS Services for Fintech

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has a huge variety of services, but not all of them apply for Financial Companies. This episode identifies what are the best AWS services for Fintech, and how they work, in order to help companies to optimize their processes. 


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DevOps Security for Financial Services Episode 02

On this episode, we talk about one of the most important benefits that DevOps brings to Financial Services, which is security, and about those specific security requirements that every Fintech company must implement to be secured like a bank

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DevOps for Financial Services Episode 01

Webinar on-demand of The Real Business Value of DevOps for Financial Services Alfonso Valdés along with Juan José Rodríguez explains in this episode the benefits of leveraging DevOps in Financial Services.

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DevOps for Financial Services Introduction

Introduction to our Videocast series about Devops for Financial Services.


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Migrating Into the AWS Cloud

Héctor Aguirre, Sr. DevOps Architect on Clickittech, talks about the importance of migrating into the cloud. Having a server on the cloud can help your business to store data on a more secure way, furthermore, your Business is going to avoid the complexity of the process.

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Why You Need DevOps Specialist in Your Day

Having a specialist in charge of your DevOps needs can help you to significantly maximize security and decrease downtime and costs over your business. 

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Why Clients Are Working with ClickIT

Juan José Rodríguez, Project Manager at ClickIT shared with us the aggregated value that ClickIT is offering to its clients. 

Dynamic Clients Need Flexibility with Their Partner

Juan José Rodríguez, Project Manager on Clickittech, says that change is constant on the company due to the dynamic projects they are working on. 

Future of DevSecOps

“The future of DevOps is the automation in the software development lifecycle, for instance, DevSecOps”, said Alfonso Valdes, CEO of Clickittech. 

HIPAA & SOC2 Compliant

Alfonso Valdés, CEO on Clickittech, talks us about the importance of a Healthcare company to become HIPAA and SOC2 compliant.