Immortals – How this WordPress app handles high traffic on Google Cloud

Immortals – How this WordPress app handles high traffic on Google Cloud

Who is Immortals

Immortals is an eSports organization dedicated to participate and coordinate major league of eSports competitions such as Smash Bros, Dota 2, League of Legends and Overwatch, between others. This company came to us with the necessity of migrating their website,, from Siteground to Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

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Our challenge on the journey

Immortals’ website was experiencing high levels of traffic so it was continuously crashing down. They came to us and ask us for specific requirements:

  • Migrate website to a more capable hosting provider, and therefore enhance the overall scalability, capacity and performance of the website and cloud infrastructure, so that it had the capacity to support 30k users.
  • Implement a high performance WordPress architecture that could satisfy the best standards for security, speed and user experience.
  • An effective monitoring solution for all the activity in the server, in order to keep full vision and ensure quick response in case of failure.

They needed a more capable website, so we gave them what they asked.

Action Plan

Our solution was specific through the journey:

  • Migrate the website into Google Cloud Platform and configure Auto Scaling for increasing overall capacity.
  • Implement ClickIT’s maintenance model and worldwide frameworks which contain the best practices for cloud security and performance.
  • Include the best tools and services for optimizing cloud environments.
  • Implement Ajenti and Zabbix for monitoring website and servers’ activity.

The main challenge during our solution process was to accomplish the complete and correct synchronization of the content, along all the servers generated by the Auto Scaling function. Immortals needed a complete migration to GCP with specific configurations so they came with the right team to implement them. We achieved their requirements and performed continuous tests and validations on the overall solution for coming into effective agreements to build the final approach.

Google Cloud Platform was widely recommended by us as a cloud hosting service, and this was due to its growing services portfolio (Auto Scaling, Storage, Networking, Database, etc.), along to its well proofed capacities and affordable costs. All those reasons made it the best hosting option for Immortals, in order to get an efficient and cost effective solution for their business.


  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Cloudflare
  • WordPress
  • Google Cloud AutoScaling
  • Google Cloud SQL
  • Google Cloud Networking
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Google Cloud VPC


  • Their website load speed decreased 6 seconds.
  • Capacity for supporting 300-30k users was achieved.
  • Scores on Pagespeed and Pingdom improved significantly by a 40%.
  • Full vision on resources/assets status and usage.

We definitely learned a lot about this process, since it has contributed to our organizational knowledge assets from now on. As a team, we’re decided that migrating to GCP was their best decision. Our expertise on this area allowed Immortals to have an agile and efficient solution for their website. At the end of our implementation, we achieved Immortals full satisfaction by providing them the highly scalable and capable cloud infrastructure they wanted, which was our main goal.

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