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Free Monitoring Service of Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is a cloud infrastructure provider; it offers to developers cloud services that help them to deploy and scale applications. On 2015, it was the second largest hosting company in the world regarding web-facing computers. This month Digital Ocean announced that they created a free monitoring service so developers can monitor their business applications.

This service helps business owners to collect and graph metrics, monitor Droplet performance and receive alerts via email. Digital Ocean said they want to give startups a simple platform where they can launch their applications by simplifying the complexities of infrastructure.

The monitoring service that Digital Ocean is offering is built to help users respond to any critical situation where resources have been exhausted and the infrastructure health may be affected. On the other hand, it also affords proactive measures to avert future problems altogether. This new service supports TCP, HTTP, and HTTPS workloads, and it also provides the choice of SSL termination or passthrough mode for HTTPS.

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