Why to create a CI/CD pipeline on AWS

Why to create a CI/CD pipeline on AWS

You may have heard already about “CI/CD” or Continuous Integration and Delivery, and you may be wondering – What is it all about? Why is it the trend lately and why is everybody using it? – Well, we’re going to answer all those questions here.

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As you already know the development of applications is growing every day, from small to enterprise, and as this number increases, so the competition because everybody is looking to sell their product offering the best features and services.

This competition forces the companies to release new versions faster and faster, but with yesterday’s technologies, it is nearly impossible to reach that speed and agility of release. Fortunately, there are new development concepts and technologies that help us achieve such speed, they are CI/CD, which stands for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.

Pros of using CI/CD:

  • Continuous Integration is the ability to automate the integration of a project, code or program. Here you can perform module installation, functionality testing, unit testing, etc. Once the integration is complete, you can proceed to deliver it.
  • Continuous Delivery is the ability to make changes, deliver code, or deploy quick fixes into productive environments without disrupting the service.

With these two concepts, you will be able to achieve an excellent build pipeline, where whenever a new code is functional you can release it to prod without any downtime or service disruption.

Some technologies that you can use for your CI/CD pipeline are:

  • ECS (Docker): Caas (Container-as-a-Service) , used to control all your containers within a cluster.
  • Codedeploy: Used to deploy code and perform a series of steps on your EC2 instances.
  • Jenkins/Travis/CircleCI/Codeship: Tools to perform the integration and testing of your application and sending it either to a CD tool (like Codedeploy), or behave as one (they also have CD capabilities).
  • ElasticBeanstalk: It is a platform that many people use to deploy and manage their application within AWS dashboard

And finally, we get to the point where you ask – How hard is to set a CI/CD pipeline? And the answer is “It is challenging.” It is not hard, but challenging, because every application is different, and not all of them require the same steps, testing or deployment procedures, but assure you, it is a great investment in the long run.

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