Data Analytics


ClickIT helped ChannelMix to build a functional application that has the capacity to receive support and keep updated


Client Project

ChannelMix wanted to replace an existing desktop application built in a custom C++ internal framework. Also, they wanted to replace partially an app that uses Tableau for visualization.

ChannelMix provides leading brands and agencies with marketing analytics to measure and grow marketing ROI. ChannelMix is pioneering future-ready marketing measurement with first-party analytics tracking and data models that deliver more accurate, sustainable, and impactful insights to the business.



The main assignment of this project was to maintain the C3 and Corona platforms of the client and to add new features so that the users of both platforms can perform their tasks faster and easier.

Migrate an application built on AngularJS to React while maintaining compatibility

Create a user interface that is easy to use for customers

Optimize code to improve platform performance

Use best practices and design patterns in the code


Implemented Service

ClickIT provided ChannelMix with two engineers who gave support and maintained up-to-date backend modules written in Python. Also, they were responsible for maintaining the C3 and Corona code and updating and implementing new features.

Technologies we used in this project

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ChannelMix now has a functional application that is compatible with AgularJS and React and has the capacity to receive support and keep updated. Additionally, ChannelMix has two sub-apps built with React and AngularJS hybrid in the C3 main app.