Financial services

A fintech company builds a secure and scalable Laravel application compliant with the 12 principles for PCI security standard


Client Project

The client is a PNG-based organization that works collaboratively with enterprises to develop and integrate comprehensive online payment, billing, and customer experience solutions.

It had the need to build a secure and scalable Laravel application compliant with the 12 principles for PCI security standard.



The fintech company required to build a cloud-based PCI compliant infrastructure and secure its Fintech app.
At the same time, they needed to implement DevOps best practices such as CI/CD, Container Orchestration, and Infrastructure as Code to automate and optimize the entire Software Delivery Life Cycle for their Laravel based application.

Apply the PCI principles in the cloud infrastructure and the code of the application in order to ensure that all transactions and sensitive information are secure.

Implement a microservices model using AWS Elastic Container Service and automate and streamline the code release process across the multi-environment architecture.

Automate the process for deploying new environments in a single tenant model.

Integrate ES6, along with StandardJS and ESLint and remove obsolete or duplicated code.


Implemented Service

We provided our client with a dedicated team of one Cloud DevOps expert and one Laravel expert, who collaborated to build a secure and scalable Laravel application, which is simultaneously totally compliant with the 12 basic principles for PCI security standards.

Technologies we used in this project



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Now, the application is operating with top levels of security, reliability, and scalability, not only in the cloud infrastructure but also on the code side. Apart from this, the release time for new features is significantly fast, and the application’s code base follows Laravel best practices, which has ensured that it works with remarkable performance for end-users.