Case Study – Boatsetter

Results of ClickIT DevOps Consulting and AWS Optimization.

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Boatsetter is a platform that allows boat owners to list their boats for rent, captains to find freelance work and anyone on the web who seeks a water–full experience.

The company does its business via an online web application based on AWS, trying to leverage the performance and scalability of its infrastructure built around CloudFront, EC2, RDS, ELB, and VPC.

Boatsetter needed optimization to their cloud infrastructure. As they had plans to scale soon, we suggested a DevOps approach to overhauling the current process to achieve higher efficiency in future operations and enable continuous delivery.

Results of ClickIT DevOps Consulting and AWS Optimization

A focused team at ClickIT is highly approachable, responds to the queries, micro-manages the client’s requirements and increases the ROI for the services provided by sticking to best practices.

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