Carespace needed a new infrastructure that will help them to support and launch this new solution


Client Project

Carespace needed a new infrastructure that will help them support and launch this new solution that also involves a physical device that measures body temperature. They wanted a new way to connect IoT endpoints to the Carespace platform.

Carespace is a healthcare company that uses AI and ML to help users educate and identify different health topics. But most recently, due to the Covid-19 pandemic that has affected us all globally, they switched efforts and focus on delivering a new solution that will help the world to remain safe and act fast against the new disease.


Carespace needed a secure, reliable, and high available architecture that will recollect and process all of the data from the IoT devices. The most challenging piece of this new implementation was that it could not take a lot of time to be ready.  Carespace needed to automate, improve and cut down the deployment time, but the company was worried about quality and security.

Integrate automatic deployment for all different environments of the application.

Better resource and time management by cutting down the deployment time, which also helps on a faster process.

Add security and reliability to all different environments including new deployment procedures.

Include physical components to all different environments and make them compatible with new CI/CD procedures.


Implemented Service

ClickIT and the IoT engineers from Microsoft Azure designed a new solution based on Infrastructure as a Code, using Terraform and Azure technology. Together, they were capable of developing two different kinds of Multi-Tenancy.
The idea of having two approaches helped CareSpace to provide different alternatives to their clients.
  1. A model for a low hosting price where CareSpace shared resources across multiple clients (tenants). It is very helpful for demo or testing environments.
  2. A model designed for those clients (tenants) that needed more power. It is an Isolated architecture that uses the top services on Azure to ensure that the environment will have no issues with performance.

Technologies we use in this project

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With the benefits from Terraform and Azure, ClickIT was able to design a top solution. Still, most importantly, it was able to do it within three months instead of 6-7 that would have taken if Terraform removed.
Carespace now has a Multi-tenancy integration, is HIPAA friendly, and has decrease deployment time, improved testing across multiple environments, and client satisfaction due to better performance.