Bebop updated their Terraform templates to make the deployment processes simpler


Client Project

The client needed to update their Terraform templates to keep their production environments up to date and make them easier to manage and update.

The client provides its DevOps services to companies such as Funimation, Sony New Media Solution, and Sony Pictures Television. It is in charge of managing the Operations stage of many applications from static sites to more robust applications with streaming services.


The main challenge in this project was to audit the current state of the templates with which it would work and verify the outdated state of the resources in AWS to draw up a strategy. Another challenge was to implement this strategy in production environments at the same time that the applications improve and grow their number of functionalities

Integrate infrastructure as service (IaaS) for all of the environments, which will help us have a faster response, launch, and improvements.

Add best practices and best solutions using AWS top technology.

Create a new CI/CD workflow that will collaborate with the new Terraform and AWS implementations.


Implemented Service

Good practices and a more optimal way of administration were implemented in the Terraform templates, and the status of the templates was synchronized with the current infrastructure.

Technologies we used in this project

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Now, the Bebop deployment processes with Terraform are simpler, the implementation times in the infrastructure were reduced, and manage the infrastructure became easier for new members. Apart from this, the process of implementing new tenants to the multi-tenant application was improved.