ClickIT Counts on 90% AWS Certified DevOps Engineers

ClickIT has been an ideal partner of AWS for years, and now more than ever, we are giving the most to assist you with a fully prepared team since we officially count on 61 AWS certified DevOps Engineers.

As companies increasingly shift workloads to the public cloud, it has become a nice-to-have for enterprises. AWS is a leader and point of reference for public cloud adoption, so we proudly announce that we have received a badge of 50 certifications from AWS. Since then, we have had a total of 61 AWS certified engineers in ClickIT.

We’re really proud of our Clickers for achieving 90% of AWS Certifications, which means that our team is better prepared to support your digital transformation.

And keep committing to providing AWS top-quality services, such as

  • AWS Migration
  • AWS Cloud Management
  • AWS Consulting
  • AWS Well-Architected

We do not want to miss this opportunity to congratulate our whole engineering team for this accomplishment and to always look forward to continuing to provide the best services for our clients!

Here is a message of our CEO Alfonso Valdes.

I am very proud and excited for these 61 AWS certified DevOps engineers, as it is a pure reflection of the team’s daily commitment to improving and learning knowledge that will make us stand out as an IT company.

Congratulations, Clickers. Let’s go for more certifications.

We also want to invite all the talent out there to approach us if you’re looking to boost your professional development. We count on the best certifications that will allow you to create incredible things in this great family.

Visit our careers page to learn more about being a Clicker.

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