Modernize Your SaaS Enterprise With AWS

70% of all Web Apps are SaaS, and have met the advantages of multi-tenant.

Extensive valuable benefits and extra tips to start building your SaaS application on AWS.

Multi-tenant architecture best practices and considerations for SaaS enterprises.

What can I learn
from the Ebook?

Through this Ebook, you’ll be able to learn from end-to-end the SaaS architecture cycle. This research is intended to showcase an overview of the strategies, challenges, and constraints that DevOps and Software Developers are likely to face when architecting a SaaS multi-tenant application.

Table of

  1. What is a Multi tenant Architecture?
  2. Types of Multi-tenant SaaS Architectures
  3. Application Code Changes
  4. Follow the 12-Factor Methodology Framework or Die Trying!
  5. Multi-tenant SaaS Architecture Best Practices
  6. Final Thoughts

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