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Moving your online infrastructure to “Cloud” means: less costs, simplification of processes and virtualization. Integrating your business to The Cloud means faster peace of innovation, reduced time to market, faster creations of new environments and a lot more benefits.

Cloud frees up your team from thinking about the resource behind the metal box: it is “Cloud” where applications and services can easily scale (grow), perform better and have a reduced failure rate to the use that is being given to the instance in question. Launch your cloud transformation in a small environment with hybrid cloud or public cloud, make any choice, it will boost your IT productivity – Lets begin!

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Mobile Apps

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Migrate your servers

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Results when integrating your business to the cloud

Built-in Security with HIPAA, FedRamp and PCI


Scalability and Resiliency

Elastic Storage, Compute and Bandwidth.

Our Process

  • 1. Analyze your new hosting provider, compare the one that best fits your needs.
  • 2. Check your current server as well as the configuration of the object to be migrated in order to understand the necessary requirements.
  • 3. Build the new environment using LEMP stack, LAMP stack, Python stack, Ruby Stack or Java Stack.
  • 4. Move the code and the database to the new hosting environment.
  • 5. Test the website by emulating the HOST file to point the DNS at the new IP address.
  • 6. Troubleshoot missing software, configuration, or modules.
  • 7. Re-synchronize the code and database.
  • 8. Run a test run and if there are no errors Let's go to the final step!
  • 9. Update the IP address of the DNS by the new IP address of hosting.

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