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E T H I C A L   H A C K I N G

Computer security is evolving

The environments are rapidly changing from physicists to the cloud. In these environments attacks and hacking practices are very common. At ClickIT we run Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing on your applications and IT systems in order to provide our level of security and help keep hackers, botnets, DDoS attacks and “script kiddies” away.

Our security solutions within the computer will emulate hacker attacks to find vulnerabilities, security weaknesses and network gaps. We use custom scripts and manual penetration tests, not just commercial scanners to find their vulnerabilities.

O U R   M E T H O D O L O G Y

Learn about our process of Ethical Hacking and DDoS Protection


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Identify risks


Define and execute security test


Identify vulnerabilities and repair them

P E N E T R A T I O N   T E S T I NG

Our areas as experts

<b>Web security</b>

Web security

(Web penetration testing): We find vulnerabilities in your website, we prevent malware attacks and identify weaknesses in your databases.

<b>Network security</b>

Network security

(Penetration Test): These practices are to evaluate vulnerabilities in your application, server or network. We find DDoS vulnerabilities and apply security guidelines to mitigate these exposures. The tests are run monthly to reduce risk and comply with PCI / HIPAA regulations.

<b>Mobile and web application security</b>

Mobile and web application security

(Application penetration testing): All applications, whether mobile or web, need to be secured, protected and evaluated to minimize attack risks. We have the experience to find vulnerabilities and provide you with detailed and technical reports of any security implementation.