How to Build a DevOps Team | CloudCast Show

How to Build a DevOps team | Cloudcast Show, 2nd Episode

How to Build a DevOps Team

In this episode of the CloudCast Show, Mario and Guillermo discuss about How to Build an effective DevOps Team to enable agile and DevOps practices in a company

Time-Stamped Show Notes:​

[00:04] Today’s topic: How to Build a DevOps team  

[01:17] 4 Principles to build a perfect DevOps team

[01:36] Finding the right team for a project

[03:18] Main points to become a valuable team member 

[04:33] Is training people a challenge?

[06:03] Essential tools to train a DevOps team

[08:30] Organizer tools and cost plans 

[09:11] How to improve communication in the team

[10:23] How important is to follow a process? 

[12:56] Building a fast and effective code 

[13:06] Essential benefits over the Gitflow process 

[14:12] Simple definitions of Git, Branch and merge 

[14:35] What is a git? 

[14:45] What is a branch?

[14:58] What is a merge?

[15:12] DevOps culture on a team

[17:45] Benefits of applying a devops culture on a team 

[18:16] DevOps culture in the right way!

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