ClickIT Top 10 Blogs of 2022

This year has been full of wonderful surprises for ClickIT, and our commitment to our tech community to provide them with the best content was stronger than ever. We release trending IT content regarding DevOps, SaaS, Development, and Nearshore, so we want to share our top 10 tech blogs of 2022 that had the most impact in case you missed one.

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1. DevOps Automation Tools for SaaS Companies

We know how important Automation is in today’s infrastructure, so we made a blog with the most popular DevOps tools that help organizations to automate infrastructure management and delivery pipelines, enlisting the features, benefits, and things that need improvement of each tool so that you can make an informed decision.

2. The 8 Best Real-Life React Apps Examples

This blog is for all business owners who dont’ know what framework to choose. We present the best eight react examples that might be easier to make a good choice that resonates with their needs. Since top enterprises like Facebook, Walmart, and Instagram use react, adopting similar frameworks for your development needs makes sense.

3. Top NodeJS Frameworks for 2022

As NodeJS is a leading software development technology with many frameworks. We selected the top NodeJS frameworks to make application development easier, faster, and more cost-effective and help you spend fewer resources and time on development.

4. The Ultimate Docker Security Best Practices for Your Node.js Application

One of our top tech blogs of 2022 definitely was the ultimate Docker security practices. Since you cannot simply ignore its security, which can lead to a huge disaster, we are here to guide you in securing your Docker container and environment with 12 practices you can’t miss.

5. The Ultimate Guide to Hire a DevOps Engineer this 2022

It can be quite complicated to hire a proper DevOps engineer. We made a guide on to hire a DevOps engineer in these complicated times without breaking your budget, from knowing the principal roles and responsabilities, the questions you should ask in an interview, to how much it costs, so you can make an informed decision before hiring a DevOps developer for your organization.

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6. Web Application Architecture: The Latest Guide 2022

Creating quality products and services is not enough to gain customers’ trust in today’s highly competitive software world. That’s why one of our top blogs of 2022 is the guide to web application architecture because how you deliver the products and services to your customers matters the most. Web applications help you to do so and discover its components, types, best practices, and more.

Running a company has never been so easy, from anywhere, with continually improving SaaS solutions, so we have outlined the top 12 SaaS trends such as native advertising, machine learning, vertical SaaS solutions, and more that will surely catapult the sector to a new height.

8. Terraform Best Practices: The 20 Practices You Should Adopt

Writing a clean Terraform configuration isn’t as simple as it seems. Still, the benefits of learning are well worth the effort, so another top tech blog is Terraform’s best 20 practices we recommend adopting while writing your Terraform Configuration Files, which will ensure that your Terraform code is clean and readable and is available to other team members over a Source Code Management system.

9. DevOps Security Best Practices for Your SaaS Application

We know security is critical in today’s dynamically changing cloud environments. The best thing you can do is Implement the DevOps security best practices we have for you to keep your DevOps environments agile and secure; we also include the DevOps security tools you need. These practices apply to organizations of all sizes and natures.

10. CI/CD Best Practices: Top 10 Practices for Financial Services

And last but not least, we have our top tech blog about CI/CD best practices. We aim to introduce you to CI/CD practices that you must follow when implementing CI/CD Pipelines in your organization or when planning to enhance the existing CI/CD Pipelines. So don’t miss this blog; you will surely stay clear of common problems and improve your testing and development procedures.

What is Coming for 2023?

The 2022 journey has been a hell of a ride, and seeing the amazing response of our community to our content it’s really gratifying and motivate us to keep developing more significant blogs to help you with your IT needs and business, so stay tuned for all the new and better content we will have for you in 2023, we are working in big things.


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