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Perform a perfect migration from Rackspace to AWS and obtain its benefits.
Migrate from Rackspace to AWS and receive all the benefits that Amazon Web Services offers.
Your application will be better, faster and cheaper to maintain.

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Reduce by at least 30% your Cloud Environment Costs Migrating to AWS.

Why Migrate to AWS?

  • Enable many services with just one click.
  • Maintain your application security and performance with: AWS Security Groups, AWS WAF, AutoScaling and many more…
  • AWS has a lot of fully managed services to enable just with one click.
  • AWS Reduces Risks with Auto Scaling, Automation and Disaster Recovery. More availability zones and redundancy.
  • Deploying your HIPAA application on AWS reduces the time for continuous maintenance and operation support.
  • Obtain a cost optimized High Performance application.

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Rackspace vs AWS

Rackspace vs AWS Technologies

Do you want to migrate your application to AWS? Or what about building it completely from scratch?

Rackspace Migration Case Study

They needed to migrate their application to AWS.

Why us?

  • Security is in our implementation and processes NDA; consequently all our AWS deployments come with top notch security.
  • ClickIT has deployed more than 50 applications on the AWS Cloud following HIPAA, PCI and FedRamp regulations.
  • Our team of experts can provide end-to-end consulting, guidance and collaboration with any healthcare and Life science business to fill the HIPAA processes and HITRUST documentation.
  • E-health businesses choose us because we deploy modern DevOps, internal tools and technologies to automate the process becoming HIPAA compliant.
  • Our geographical position in Mexico enables us to be very competitive on cost/quality compared to any other AWS partner.

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