My life at ClickIT | Ivonne Bazaldúa

In the latest edition of My life at ClickIT, Ivonne Bazaldúa talks about how is working as an HR leader and the activities she likes to do during her free time.

My daily basis

My day starts pretty much like everyone else’s. I wake up and I have a cup of coffee, then I’m ready to start working.
The first thing I do is check all of our bank accounts to make sure everything is running smoothly. Then I have a small talk with my team to revise, what needs to be done and what they might need my help with. After that, it’s time for more meetings with the project managers. And when I can I also join our English classes to see how the team is doing.

My role at ClickIT

I’ve been the HR leader here at ClickIT for the past year and a half. I’m in charge of most of the administrative staff of the company like embracing customers, making some contracts, keeping records of revenue and expenses as well as making sure that everyone at ClickIT is comfortable working here.
On top of that, I also supervise all of our cultural activities like the building’s monthly meetings events as well as supervising the recruitment in the company.

Outside the work

One of my favorite things to do when I have time is reading. I have almost 200 books at home. My current reads are “Almond” by Won-pyung Sohn and “Before the coffee gets cold” by Toshikazu Kawaguchi.
I also love to cook and bake all sorts of food, but by far, my favorite hobby would be watching sports like soccer, baseball, and basketball, among those, my favorite one is Formula 1. I love cars, the speed, the adrenaline, the races, and the strategies, the teams have to make in order to win in a very competitive sport. Right now, I absolutely support Checo Pérez and Red Bull Racing.

My biggest challenge at ClickIT

The biggest challenge experience has definitely been adapting and going to the pandemic as it started when I had been at the company for just 3 months. But I think it was with the help of all the amazing people here at ClickIT we were able to get through it successfully.

“I’m very grateful and excited to keep going with the team for many more years and see what we can achieve together.”

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