facebook AWS Migration & Managed Services Case Studies | Clickittech

This company came to us with the necessity of migrating their website

from Siteground to Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Boatsetter transformed their infrastructure towards a DevOps based Approach.

We automated and troubleshot critical applications, reducing downtime by 80%.

Trumedia needed to reduce the AWS costs, to optimize their SaaS applications.

We were able to reduce its AWS Cloud spend by 40%, increasing the firm revenue and helped them to focus on its core business.

Blade wanted to improve their cloud infrastructure.

ClickIT implemented the best infrastructure deployment solutions for them and covered all their needs.

IBSS wanted to assess the security on their authentication mechanism.

And perform an analysis on the current security state of their portal by implementing Penetration Testing.

FOS had a vulnerable server with inefficient performance.

We implemented Security, Optimization and Website Migration.

Ticket To Go needed a mobile application to sell online tickets for massive events.

Now this app offers online sales of tickets for different events on the north area of Mexico.

For FutureED we delivered a e-learning marketplace with the latest technologies

The result of the Development process was the EdTechPlatform, an application that potentialized education system.

Curacao had a portal with poor security and low scalability.

The site needed a redesign and recoding from ground up. We implemented development, scalability and security.

Motivapp decided to be Scalable by moving to the AWS Cloud.

We implemented SaaS Migration to AWS.

Metacert wanted an infrastructure migration.

ClickIT implemented the best Cloud computing solutions, migration, security and optimization to cover all their needs.

Pepper Leaf needed a migration from Rackspace to AWS.

We reduce their IT costs by 80% and it has now a flawless AWS infrastructure.

Ticketbooth needed a DevOps critical transformation.

We managed to reduce staff hours, costs, disaster recovery and improve market time.