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EducarUno is a social enterprise that aims to contribute to the integral development of the human being from the emotional, academic, technological and familiar aspects, through the establishment, improvement and implementation of practical educational models and self-sustainable and replicable concepts that offer excellence and quality level world.

FutureED has a 10,000 monthly traffic of users and in a year, the traffic will grow to 50,000 users per month.

They can create courses, sell them, enroll courses, enhance skills, sell physical products, and send them by the post office, using classical payment methods and digital ones through banks and affiliates.

Users have a chat to keep in touch with registered users into the courses sharing information, having a conversation about the course, and having feedback.

The owner can create full exercises, tasks, uploading files and evaluate their students. With this, FutureED is achieving its goal, which is to join education with people and create a better standard of living.

The challenge faced by ClickIT with this project was setting up an integral and full system where a specific issue was to consider the user experience to engage people and show a simple, intuitive, fast and attractive interface with full functionalities. All these characteristics inside an auto­scaled group of servers protected by a private network while communicating to the outside world with the bank authority.

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