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A W S   C L O UD

Receive a detailed cloud assessment for your application on AWS!

From a Startup app to complex SaaS applications.

AWS is a cloud services platform that provides deep competitive advantages in terms of:

  • Scalability and DevOps
  • Security
  • Disaster Recovery
  • AWS Cost Reduction
F R E E   A S S E S M E N T

Providing cloud expertise to transform businesses

AWS Architecture and Design

Digital security with PCI/HIPAA.

Development productivity and DevOps.

Reduce time to the market.


One-Click Deployments and Rollbacks


Disaster and Quick Recovery


Perfomance and Optimization.


Security with PCI/HIPAA.


Migrate to the AWS Cloud


Architecture and Design Redundancy High Availability and Resilience


Auto-Scaling your Cloud Environment


Setup VPC Private Networks – AWS VPC


DevOps and Automation with Docker, Jenkins, Ansible and CircleCI


Cloud-Native Software Development

Is your application well-architected?

One of the biggest problems when developing new applications is the lack of expertise and fundamental skills needed for a high experience. AWS created a well-architected framework to help, educate and satisfy users to not be afraid of change, think cloud-natively, make informed decisions and understand its impact on your business.

Follow AWS well-architected 5 pillars to start building the way you always wanted.
C U S T O M E R   T R U S T

What do our costumers say?

Providing cloud expertise to transform businesses


AWS Migration Services

San Francisco, California

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ClickIT smart technologies is an INCREDIBLE IT company. Started migrating my saas application to the AWS Cloud, then to Microsoft Azure - all DevOps went flawlessly. In the road, there were many code changes, bug fixes and new features to the app, and they were able to support it. They are bilingual, professional, same U.S timezone and that's priceless!
David Richards
David Richards
Risecx CEO

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Why Choose ClickIT?

We are your ideal technology partner. Simple as that. You can find a full spectrum of cloud services in our agency, from Migration to DevOps and Automation, you can count on us to manage your web applications.

  • More than 1000 successful AWS Migrations.
  • Certified AWS Engineers.
  • More Productivity due to our Nearshore collaboration.
  • Implemented more than 100 AWS DevOps Projects.
  • More than 500 Customers in the U.S.
  • More than 7 years deploying AWS services.
  • Pioneers and leaders on AWS consultancy.